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A DVD with a video record of the 8th World Masters Mountain Running Chapionships can be obtained here: info@evroservis.cz for 35 EUR (Europe) or 40 EUR (rest of the world) including postal charge.

Introductory Word

I am pleased to invite Master athletes to the eighth edition of the Masters World Mountain Running Championships. Thousands of older athletes have enjoyed this competition over the past seven years. It is gratifying to WMRA to see the enthusiasm and friendliness shown during these Championships. I am sure I speak on behalf of you all when I congratulate past organisers for the magnificent way in which they have staged this annual event and to thank all involved in this years championships for all the hard work that is going into their organisation. We are visiting the Czech Republic for the first time for this competition, and the venue chosen, Dolni Morova, is a ski resort in winter and a walking venue in summer. I am sure you will enjoy traditional Czech hospitality in this small resort. Mountain running has a great tradition in Czech republic. They have organised the Mountain Running World Trophy, the European mountain running championships, and the current womens world champion, Anna Pichrtova, is Czech. The man behind this years event. Jan Simunek, owner of the Czech engineering firm Iscarex, is himself an enthusiastic Masters competitor finishing 58th in the M55 age group last year. I am sure he will be advising the local organising committee as to what he has enjoyed from the past events. You can all look forward to a professionally staged competition and to meet up with old friends. Do not miss it!

Danny Hughes - President WMRA

Dear sportsmen and sport fans, I am honored to welcome you in Pardubice region by the opening of the World Masters Mountain Running Championships and I am glad it is going to take place under my auspices. I am pleased to have such great numbers of you here to surmount the top of the mount Slamnik from which is a great view of the highest mountain of our region – Kralicky Sneznik. I was myself many times on that symbolic top of the Pardubice region as a tourist and I know how hard the terrain is and to what height you will have to climb. With respect to the pace in which you get to the top and also to your age, you have my admiration. There can be only three of you who get the medals. Nevertheless, I wish everybody reach his or her small victory on the race track. Then, I think, each of you will be happy. The surrounding lovely nature will definitely help with that. And would feel some day the urge to come back either as a runner or tourist, I will be happy as well.

Ing. Ivo Toman - the hetman of the Pardubice region

Dear friends, I gladly imbrace the information that the Iscarex, s.r.o. company has been entrust with holding of the 8. World Masters Mountain Running Championship. And I am even more gratified that the emplacement of the event will be at beautiful surroundings of the Kralicky Sneznik mountain and town Dolni Morava. I willingly accept the personal auspices and a proposal of the Honorary Board membership.

Ing. Roman Linek - vicehetman of the Pardubice region

Dear visitors, let me give you a warm welcome to this World Masters Mountain Running Championship 2008 web site. For the 8th time, the most experienced runners from all over the world will meet at the event auspiced by the World Masters Running Association. I do trust, this championship, holded by Iscarex, s.r.o. in Dolni Morava, Czech Republic, will be remembered as a successful and contrived mountain running feast. I also believe you all will enjoy yourselves and that you will bring home lots of nice memories. This web site is coming with all the service you will need by the organization team that is looking forward to see you at 6th September 2008 in Dolni Morava.

Ing. Ales Stransky - Director of the event

Dear friends, we have successfully arranged 55 races during the last 17 years, including those with international attendance and the national championships in 2005. But to organize The World Masters Mountain Running Championships is something special. We have the beauties of nature, a promise of up to 1.500 brave runners, an experienced organizing team and also the patronage of the local government. Fans of sport, running and general exersizing, let me invite you to come in and see it for yourself. Even the race alone will be a unique event. There will be rich festivities and refreshments ready for you and lots of other adventure options. The region of Kraliky, Dolni Morava and Kralicky Sneznik is a very splendid place, still almost untouched by tourism. I m convinced the region can only benefit from The World Masters Championships. Make a note to your diary: 6th September 2008!!

Jan Simunek - Chairman of the steering committee


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